CURTAINS – 5th to 8th July 2017

Boston’s Colonial Theatre is host to the opening night of a new musical. Leading lady, Jessica Cranshaw can’t sing, act, or dance and to the relief of everyone, she is murdered during the curtain call. 

Enter local detective Lt. Frank Cioffi who just happens to be a musical theatre fan. As the entire company is under suspicion he quarantines the building. 
They use the time to attempt to fix the show’s problems but the body count begins to rise… 

Can Cioffi solve the case, save the show, and get the girl before the curtain rises without getting killed himself?


The Overcoat by Geoff Page

17-19 January 2017 @ Cambridge Junction

This original musical retells Nikolai Gogol’s famous satirical short-story about a lowly government clerk in desperate need of a new overcoat…

I was blown away by this wonderful show.

(Sardines Magazine)


Father Frost by Geoff Page

17-19 January 2017 @ Cambridge Junction

This beautiful wintry Russian fairy-tale is retold through a funny and heart-warming new musical for all the family.

…a real post-Christmas treat…

(Sardines Magazine)